Bungee Jumping New Zealand

Bungee Jumping: Leap from the iconic Kawarau Bridge with AJ Hackett Bungee, the pioneers of bungee jumping. Located in Queenstown, this spot promises an adrenaline-pumping experience. For a unique twist, try the Nevis Bungee, offering a staggering 134-meter jump. Double-check safety protocols and embrace the moment for a truly unforgettable adventure.

New Zealand Bungee Jumping Adventure: A Four-Day Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Exploring Queenstown

Welcome to Queenstown, the heart of adrenaline sports in New Zealand. Settle into your accommodation at the centrally located Novotel Queenstown Lakeside, offering easy access to the city’s vibrant scene. Spend your first day exploring the town. Stroll along the Lake Wakatipu shoreline and enjoy a casual dinner at Flame Bar & Grill, known for its sumptuous ribs and stunning lake views.

Day 2: Bungee Jumping at Kawarau Bridge with AJ Hackett Bungee

Begin your adventure at the historic Kawarau Bridge, the birthplace of commercial bungee jumping, with AJ Hackett Bungee. Their experienced team ensures a safe and thrilling jump experience. Feel the rush of the 43-meter drop above the Kawarau River. After the jump, celebrate your courage at The Bunker, a cozy restaurant offering a fine dining experience with locally-sourced ingredients.

In the afternoon, take a relaxing Queenstown Garden tour or visit the Onsen Hot Pools for a soothing soak with a view.

Day 3: Nevis Bungee and Queenstown Exploration

Day three takes you to the Nevis Bungee, the highest bungee in New Zealand. Operated by AJ Hackett Bungee, this 134-meter jump is not for the faint-hearted. The Nevis Swing, the world’s biggest swing, is also an option for those seeking a different kind of thrill.

Post-adrenaline, enjoy a light lunch at Yonder, famous for its eclectic menu and live music sessions. Spend the afternoon exploring the Queenstown Arts Centre or take a scenic bike ride along the Queenstown Trail. For dinner, indulge in Asian fusion cuisine at Madam Woo.

Day 4: Skyline Gondola and Departure

On your final day, take a more relaxed approach. Start with breakfast at Joe’s Garage, a quirky local cafĂ©. Then, head to the Skyline Gondola for breathtaking views of Queenstown and its surroundings. Enjoy a few luge rides at the top or simply soak in the panorama.

For lunch, grab a bite at Fergburger, an iconic Queenstown eatery known for its gourmet burgers. Spend your last hours souvenir shopping in the town center or relaxing by the lake.

As you depart, reflect on the thrilling experiences and beautiful sights of Queenstown, making your bungee jumping adventure an unforgettable one.

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